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Reveal your undercover CEO

From blank to blank, our on-demand virtual conference just for female pediatricians and their allies will help you be a better spokesperson, a more effective leader, and a stronger advocate.

By female pediatricians, for female pediatricians.

Do you want to want to be a better spokesperson?

Learn to ace every media interview and how to brand yourself and your practice.

Do you want to be a more effective leader?

Learn to delegate, manage your time, and gain respect.

Do you want to be a stronger advocate?

Gain confidence to approach elected officials, colleagues, and business associates.

Don’t Just Take It From Us…


The challenges we face are different that those faced by other professional women. Therefore, the skills we need to overcome those challenges are also unique. The WiP conference helped me to build some of those skills – I felt like it was curated just for me. Nothing gives me the confidence to pursue my goals like being with other like-minded women charting their own paths! I am looking forward to next year’s conference.

Nola Ernest, MD, PhD, FAAP
Enterprise Pediatric Clinic

I just wanted to say that every experience I’ve had with WIP has been top notch. I feel supported, understood, and amongst sisters. I’m so grateful to you for creating a community to help women pediatricians thrive!!

Jasmine K. Waipa, MD
Keānuenue Pediatrics

The pediatric workforce is largely composed of women, yet no one, until now, has sought to create a community for “Women in Pediatrics” to unite. Katrina has tirelessly worked to create Women in Pediatrics to fill this void. In just over a year, she has announced the creation of the group, hosted a party to celebrate its creation, and put together a successful virtual Women in Pediatrics conference. She has been successful in reaching women at all stages of their career, in all areas across the country, and in a number of different subspecialties. She has also successfully recruited a number of vendors to embrace and support Women in Pediatrics. I am personally so thankful to have been able to participate in the Women in Pediatrics virtual conference. It was so helpful to unite with other women to share both struggles and successes. It was helpful to hear from speakers who encouraged us to “Reveal our Undercover CEO.” I finished the weekend with many pointers which have helped improve not only my professional, but my personal life. I look forward to Katrina’s continued work, and look forward to gathering in-person, hopefully soon!

Robin Warner, MD, FAAP
Founder and CEO
Union Pediatrics

The 1st annual Women in Pediatrics Conference did not disappoint. All of the speakers were dynamic and the messages they conveyed will definitely help you uncover your inner CEO. There are excellent opportunities to network with other women in the industry and I look forward to attending the next conference.

Melinda A. Williams-Willingham, MD, FAAP
Decatur Pediatric Group

Has something ever come your way and fulfilled a need you didn’t know you had?  That’s how this newly formed Women in Pediatrics community feels for me!  The relatively new launch of Women in Pediatrics and its first virtual conference has already quickly introduced me to new friends and colleagues in just under one year!  The virtual conference allowed us to connect in ways that we wouldn’t have otherwise found in person, as we strive to find new ways to relate in all our new virtual spaces.  A departure from physician groups aimed at collaborating over clinical concerns, this group finds its camaraderie as it relates to personal and professional growth and wellness.  These first two events leave me in anticipation of what’s next!  Thanks Katrina!

Katie Schafer, DO, FAAP
Bloom Pediatrics

What You Get

  • 10.5 hours of expert content designed and curated specifically for female pediatricians

  • Personal workbook

Speakers and Topics

Nola Ernest, MD, PhD, FAAP

Pediatrician and Owner, Enterprise Pediatric Clinic

How To Talk About Yourself Without Being Annoying

Shelli Warren

Chief People Officer, BizChix, Inc.

What Are You Tolerating?

Amy Hollimon Phillippi, PhD

Founder and Owner, Amy Hollimon Counseling

You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup

Jennifer Jenkins

Founder and CEO, JJPR Agency

Promoting Your Brand

Melinda Willingham-Williams, MD, FAAP

Founder and CEO, TriStar Medical Solutions, LLC

Advocacy From the Exam Room and Beyond

Patricia Clark

Owner and Founder, Communication Strategies

Ace Your Media Game

Chip Hart

Director of Pediatric Solutions, PCC

Does This Make My Badass Look Big?

Katrina Skinner, MD, FAAP

Founder, Women in Pediatrics

Reveal Your Undercover CEO

Do you want to effectively brand your practice to attract the right patients?

Do you want to develop habits to prevent the unique fatigue felt by so many professional women?

Do you want to learn how to effectively negotiate for a better salary?

Do you want to speak confidently to a reporter?

Do you need to manage your time better?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, this program is for you!

Dozens of other female pediatricians have already taken advantage of our platform.

Now is your chance to join in and up your A-game. Stop just getting by each day and learn how to live your life like a CEO — Chief Empowered Officer. Let our female-pediatrician-specific content give you the knowledge, motivation, and power you need to set your next goal or make your next move!